The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Protectors

The Galaxy S10 comes with a gorgeous 6.1in Infinity-O Dynamic AMOLED display, while the S10 Plus comes with a larger 6.3in screen. Both feature a staggering 93% screen-to-body ratio which means it’s a lot of glass to protect. 

The S10 and S10 Plus were the first phones to bring an ultrasonic, in-display fingerprint scanner to the mass market. This sets it apart from most phones even a year later, with many manufacturers going for optical sensors instead. 

This creates a problem where screen protectors are concerned. Many third-party options come with a small cutout, to ensure it can scan your finger properly. However, a growing number are able to detect the waves through the protective materials. 

This is not an issue for the S10e, which has a side-mounted fingerprint scanner built into the power button. 

Here are the best options on the market for your S10, S10 Plus and S10e. We’re also looking at the top Galaxy S20 screen protectors here. 

Spigen Neo Flex S10 Screen Protector

You can always rely on Spigen for solid protection, and that includes the screen. 

Compatible with its complete case lineup, the NeoFlex provides edge-to-edge protection

The wet installation process means it can be installed without creating any unsightly bubbles. Spigen has opted to go with a complete screen coverage, meaning the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner will work through the material just minutes after application. However, Spigen recommends you leave it overnight to absolutely guarantee all will be fine. 

You do lose the feel of a glass protector, but you more than gain that back in full fingerprint functionality. Some people may even prefer the flexible film on offer here, particularly when it’s available for just £10.99/US$8.99.

Whitestone Dome Glass Galaxy S10 Screen Protector

The Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector provides 9H tempered glass protection. though at a hefty price – that said it’s perhaps the only other third-party screen protector without a cutout which maintains the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner’s sensitivity.

Whitestone’s achieves this with its Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive which does not produce the air gaps that typically form between the screen and protector. This gap would otherwise interfere with the ultrasonic waves.

The application system is the most advanced of all the screen protector on this list; you will have to cure the protector onto your S10 using a UV light lamp, so instructions should be followed carefully. It can even be applied to screens that are already broken.

Available on Amazon for £44.99/US$59.99/AUD$91.83. Also available for the S10 Plus for £54/US$59.99/AUD$84.17.

Zagg Ultra Clear Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Protector

We’ve recommended Zagg before for other phones, such as the Galaxy S9. This is a clear film protector that goes directly onto the screen.

It offers protection from scratches and smudges and preserves clarity by 96%. Of course, you won’t get the same glass feel with a film protector as you would with a tempered glass option, but you do get decent protection backed by a lifetime warranty.

Available directly from Zagg for £9.99 (reduced from £19.99), or from Amazon for £9.25 where you’ll also find options for the S10+ and S10e.

Eiger 3D Glass Galaxy S10 Screen Protector

Eiger’s screen protector, made of Japanese tempered glass, is curved at the edges to protect the contours of your Galaxy S10. It doesn’t cover the S10 edge-to-edge though – but this keeps it case-friendly. Apart from a 9H hardness rating it comes with an anti-dust layer that keeps the protector secure.

You can find it for the S10+ from Amazon for £24.99 (UK only).

QDos OptiGuard S10 Screen Protector

The QDos OptiGuard Glass Curve screen protector for the Galaxy S10 is also made from Japanese glass and is remarkably thin at 0.3mm, which makes it case-compatible while offering edge-to-edge protection for the S10 and S10 Plus (both at £39.99/US$39.99).

The same thinness does also make it fragile, so we would recommend not bending it during application, as the glass will snap, as it did in our experience. QDos does offer a Lifetime Warranty, however, so if the protector does get damaged, you can have it replaced.

if you’re looking for all-around protection, check out our guide to the best Samsung Galaxy S10 cases. 


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