How to watch Batwoman in the UK

Though you can catch some of the biggest DC universe shows like The Flash and Arrow on Netflix UK and Now TV, The CW’s latest superhero flick Batwoman (starring Ruby Rose) is still mid-way through here in the UK, meaning that British viewers have a lot of catching up to do. 

But there’s no need to fret just yet, as there is a method for binging all the latest episodes of Batwoman in the UK through using a VPN. We have similar guides for watching The Mandalorian in the UK, or watching Doctor Who from abroad. Read on to find out more.

Use a VPN to stream Batwoman

To gain access to The CW’s catch-up service, you’ll need to use a VPN. VPNs (virtual private networks) change your IP address, which consequently means that you can browse the net as if you’re in another country. For the largest range of servers, easiest user-experience and value for money, we recommend NordVPN. Another strong option would be ExpressVPN.

You can find out what other VPNs we recommend in our roundup of the best VPNs for streaming. There’s also free VPNs available, however these usually come with limited server options, which may make streaming quite difficult.

The CW doesn’t charge for streaming content on their website – nor does it require you to create an account. Once you’ve downloaded your VPN of choice and chosen a US server, you simply need to head over The CW website, and click on Batwoman.

There, you’ll be able to find all existing episodes of the first season. If you’re looking to watch Batwoman specifically for Crisis on Infinite Earths, we have a guide for which episodes you need to watch.

Batwoman on E4

E4 is a few months behind The CW, but season 1 has now kicked off and you can watch along as they air on Sundays at 9pm, or stream previous episodes on All 4.

There’s currently no cut-off date on when these episodes will leave the streaming service, but we’ll update this article if that changes. 

Will there be a season 2 of Batwoman?

Batwoman has been renewed for a second season, but there’s going to be some big changes. First of all, Ruby Rose has announced that she won’t be returning to the series, so the producers are currently on the hunt for a new lead actress. Allegedly the decision was mutual for both parties, according to Deadline. 

Secondly, the character Kate Kane will allegedly be dropped altogether. According to another report from Deadline, the show is casting for a character called Ryan Wilder, who is a former drug-runner (now reformed) in her mid-to-late twenties and is “likable, messy, a little goofy and untamed”. The name could possibly be a code title, but either way it looks like the show is deviating completely into a new storyline – though we have no idea how this new lead will tie into Kane as a character. The show is sticking to its LGBTQ+ roots, stating that Wilder will be a lesbian. 

Finally, here will also be a long wait until we see the second season, as the entire schedule of The CW has been pushed back due to the coronavirus, so at the moment we won’t see Batwoman return until January 2021. 

Will Batwoman be coming to Netflix UK or Now TV?

One thing we do know is that according to The Verge, The CW hasn’t renewed its contract with Netflix US, so Batwoman definitely won’t be coming to this service. The UK may potentially have a different deal, especially because Titans is available on Netflix UK, and not the US. Currently nothing has been confirmed, but we wouldn’t rule out seeing Batwoman on Netflix UK in the future.

Sky has also not secured the rights to Batwoman, so we’re unlikely to see it on Now TV any time soon. Until Batwoman airs on E4, the best way to catch the show in the UK is through using a VPN on The CW website.

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