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What is Amazon Prime Student?

Amazon Prime Student, in the most obvious sense, is Amazon’s Prime service, but at a discounted rate for students.

Amazon Prime Student lets students access free one-day delivery on millions of items (one-day for UK students, unlimited two-Day delivery for students in the Republic of Ireland). Members also get exclusive discounts and access to premium content such as music, movies and TV shows.

What do you get with Amazon Prime Student?

Amazon Prime isn’t just a way to get major discounts but also a way to get exclusive and unlimited access to books, magazines, music, movies, shows and unlimited cloud storage for photos.

Amazon Prime Video – movies and TV shows on-demand

Amazon Prime Student includes Prime Video, the premium content subscription service which you can access via a Fire TV Stick (£39.99/$39.99 in the US), or any smart device. You can download the free Prime Video app for iOS here here and for Android here.

If you want to know what’s on, see our round up of the best movies available on Prime Video this month. We’ve also rounded up the best TV shows on Prime Video.

Prime Reading – unlimited access to books, comics, and magazines

Amazon Prime Student membership also gets you unlimited access to thousands of books, current magazines, comic books, Kindle Singles and plenty of other content via Prime Reading. The access is unlimited and you don’t need a separate Kindle e-reader to view the content – only the free Kindle app which you can download here for iOS and here for Android. Of course, the app comes pre-installed on all Amazon Fire tablets.

Through First Reads, Prime members also get an advanced sneak peek at select books chosen by Amazon editors before the book is officially released.

Learn more about Prime Reading here.

Prime Music – ad-free, curated music

An Amazon Prime Student account also includes access to Prime Music, which gives you access to 2 million songs, ad-free. You can listen on-demand and download songs and albums to listen offline as well.

For even more music, there’s the additional service Amazon Music Unlimited, which gets you access to 40 million songs and is constantly updated with the latest hits and releases. Typically, Amazon Music Unlimited costs £9.99/$9.99 per month and Prime members pay £7.99/$7.99 per month. Prime Student members, however, get the service for nominal rate of £4.99/month in UK or $4.99/month in the US under the Student Plan.

See more about about Amazon Music Unlimited. You can currently get 3 months for free.

Lightning Deals – exclusive Prime early access to limited-time offers

Of course, one of the main benefits of having an Amazon Prime Student account is to access exclusive deals and discounts. Amazon’s Lightning Deals are temporary flash sales that happen once a day. The deals are often timed or last until there is still stock available.

The advantage of a Prime membership is that you have access to Lightning Deals 30 minutes ahead of anyone else, which means you can avoid the rat race of getting those headphones or gaming keyboards before they’re all out.

Sign up for Amazon Prime Student here or here if you’re in the US.

Prime Photos – secure, unlimited photo storage

As a student, running out of photo storage space on your phone becomes inevitable. With an Amazon Prime Student account, you also get Prime Photos, which gives you unlimited storage space. You can keep all your pictures in one place and you don’t have to downsize them to a lower resolution. 

Prime Photo lets you access your photos from anywhere and from any device (your desktop, iOS or Android devices), and share your photos as well. Click here to get the Prime Photos app for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.

How to get Amazon Prime Student

Signing up for Amazon Prime Student requires you to have an Amazon account (obviously), or create one. The sign-up process will ask for a valid university email address (ends with “” in the UK, or “.edu” in the US) which will be verified. The sign-up process will also request your expected graduation year and a method of payment (credit or debit).

For additional details about the sign-up process if you’re a student in the UK, Amazon has a dedicated page you can access here. US students can find the equivalent page here.

Click here to go right to the Amazon Prime Student UK sign up page. US visitors can go here.

Amazon Prime Student vs Amazon Prime

With an Amazon Prime Student account, you essentially get all the perks of a regular Prime account, but at half the cost of a regular membership. Additionally, you get a 6-month free trial instead of a 30-day trial.

How much does Amazon Prime Student cost?

You can subscribe to Amazon Prime Student on a monthly or annual basis. A monthly subscription costs £3.99/$6.49 per month, whereas an annual subscription costs £39/$59 per year. The annual rate works out at £3.25/$4.92 per month, so you would in fact be saving with an annual rate even if you pay more upfront.

Sign up for Amazon Prime Student here or here if you’re a US reader.

How can you get Amazon Prime Student for free?

Amazon offers a generous 6-month free trial to students who want to give Amazon Prime Student a shot. In comparison, a regular Prime membership only allows up to 30 days in the trial version.

After six months, if you choose to keep your Prime Student membership, you only pay £39/$59 per year, or £3.99/$6.49 per month, which is half of the regular Prime subscription cost.

Sign up for Amazon Prime Student here or here if you’re visiting from the US.

Can you cancel after the 6-month free trial?

Of course, being a student means you’re on a tight budget. If that £3.99/$6.49 per month is eating into your funds, you can cancel anytime. See more on Amazon Prime Student here or here if you’re in the US.

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