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Whilst most people may be getting Peacock for its large library of NBC TV shows, there’s also a variety of films on there to enjoy.

We’ve browsed through the Peacock library to pick out some of our favourites including family-friendly films, action-packed dramas and more. We’ve also created similar lists for the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and HBO Max.

The movies on the list are on a mix of the free and premium tiers of Peacock, so check your account to see what’s included. You can sign up for Peacock Free on the website by just inputting your email address and a password, or opt for Peacock Premium by either paying $4.99 per month for ad-supported content or $9.99 for ad-free.

The Matrix

The Matrix is one of those films that was years ahead of its time when it was released, and will no doubt leave you feeling extremely paranoid after watching it. The film follows Neo, a man who learns that the life he is living is not in fact real, but a computer-run simulation designed to control every inhabitant within it.

Jurassic Park

Sure, the newer films in this franchise may have better VFX, but you just can’t beat the original. Jurassic Park is a wildlife sanctuary park for dinosaurs, but things soon turn completely chaotic when a security breach causes the creatures to break free and attack visitors of the island.

Reservoir Dogs

Quentin Tarantino has numerous film classics, and Reservoir Dogs is arguably one of the best. Six criminals who are strangers to each other come together to carry out a diamond robbery. When the police show up at the perfect time, the group begins to speculate whether one of them is a police informant.


Peacock actually has an entire section dedicated to Alfred Hitchcock films, but if you’ve not seen any them then your best bet is to start with this absolute classic. When a secretary goes on the run from an employer, they end up at the Bates Motel – run by the mysterious Norman Bates who is under the watchful eye of his controlling mother. 


Arguably one of the best animated films of all time, Shrek follows an anti-social ogre who just wants to live on his swamp in peace. However, in order to do that he must first go on a quest with an annoying donkey to save a princess who is locked away in a tower guarded by a fire-breathing dragon.

The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project was a trendsetter when it came to cinematography, in that it’s filmed on handheld devices, resulting in a shaky, unsettling and intimate experience. Three film students in Maryland set out to the woods to investigate an urban legend and end up missing. The film is all the footage that was found of their journey one year on.

Billy Elliot

Also known for its stage-musical adaptation, Billy Elliot tells the story of a young Newcastle lad who finds solace in the art of ballet, and his struggle to overcome the negative connotations associated with male dancers. It’s also set in a working-class environment, and delves into the effects of Thatcher’s Britain on the mining industry.

The Bourne Identity

Peacock features multiple films in the Bourne franchise, but it’s always best to start with the first. When a mystery man is found barely alive at sea, he goes on a mission to find out who he is after suffering from memory loss. He discovers his name is Jason Bourne, and that he’s being hunted by assassins.

The Mummy

An archaeological dig at the ancient city of Hamunaptr descends into horror when a trio accidentally unleash a curse that awakens the late High Priest Imhotep. Imhotep was buried alive as punishment for being a traitor to the pharaoh, and now as a mummy seeks to wreak havoc on the world that wronged him.

Nanny McPhee

Nanny McPhee is another family-friendly classic. Cedric Brown is a widower who doesn’t know how to control unruly children who have driven away seventeen nannies. Enter Nanny McPhee – a magical and stern nanny who manages to teach the children numerous lessons with mysterious powers of her own.


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