Best Movies On HBO Max In December 2020

HBO Max may be known for new exclusives like the upcoming Friends reunion special and the new DC live-action shows such as Justice League Dark. However, there’s also plenty of films to watch – from big action flicks to comfort films.

As a note, HBO Max will constantly be updating its library of films, so some movies may be taken down without notice. However, we update this list monthly to ensure that it is an accurate as it can be. 

Wonder Woman

DC Movies on HBO Max interestingly will rotate monthly, so whilst Wonder Woman is on the platform we encourage you to watch it. This film tells the story of Diana, an Amazonian warrior who comes to the UK during WW1 to fight the god Ares. There, she meets a man who becomes dear to her, and discovers that the war is different to what she expected.

Jojo Rabbit

Taika Waititi has hit after hit, and Jojo Rabbit is no different. This World War II satire follows a young boy called Jojo who is working towards joining the Nazi Party’s youth organisation. However, his world is turned upside down when he discovers that his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their home. Plus, Waititi plays Jojo’s imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler.


Whilst Joker may be quite polarising amongst audiences, it’s one of the few DC films that you can watch without any prior knowledge of superheroes. Rather than intergalactic villains from outer space, this film shows one troubled man’s descent into madness. It’s gritty, violent, and you’ll most likely leave it with some strong opinions.

Cast Away

Yet another Tom Hanks classic, Cast Away is a survival drama of a man who gets stranded on a desert island following a plane crash. He does his best to stay alive throughout the film, and manages to not succumb to loneliness by creating a friend from a volleyball who he affectionately calls ‘Wilson’. 

IT: Chapter 2

Sequels don’t always live up to the original films – but IT: Chapter 2 is just as creepy and bizarre as the original film. Taking on the second half of Stephen King’s novel, the kids of Derry have grown up and return to the town to confront Pennywise and end the monster’s tyranny once and for all. You can read more in our full review of IT: Chapter 2. 

Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn

Harley is back for more madness and mayhem, but this time she’s stepping out of the shadow of the Joker (or “mr J”) and assembling her own team – consisting of Huntress, Black Canary and Renee Montoya – to take on a large-scale crime ring in Gotham City. If you love Deadpool, you’re guaranteed to love this one – find out why we loved it here. 

The Matrix

It’s hard to believe that The Matrix came out in 1999 – from it’s practical stunts that still hold up today, to the complex plot surrounding worlds within worlds that has you questioning your very existence. With a killer soundtrack, awesome fight scenes and an abundance of leather trench coats and sunglasses, we guarantee you’ll be hooked on this action epic. 

Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is based on the book of the same name by Stephen King, which is a direct sequel to The Shining. Despite all these things, it still manages to stand on its own as being creepy, eerie and a whole new exploration of the supernatural elements touched on within this universe. Read our full review of Doctor Sleep here.

Dirty Dancing

As classic rom-coms go, Dirty Dancing is up there with some of the greats, and you’ll be waiting for THAT lift the whole film. Young woman Baby is on holiday with her family, and offers to become the dance partner of a professional performer at the resort to help him out. During their time practicing together, the two begin to fall in love – but complications arise.

Detective Pikachu

Videogame adaptations are starting to become pretty darn good, and Detective Pikachu led the charge for this. In a world where humans and Pokémon co-exist, Tim Goodman teams up with Detective Pikachu to find his missing father – but strangely he’s the only person that can hear the wise-cracking Pokémon talking English. Read our review of the film here. 


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